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Department of Light Sources and Illuminating Engineering

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Home Page:http://www.yandanlin.icoc.bz/en/

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. LIN Yandan


Prof. LIN Yandan received Ph.D. education in both Fudan Univeristy and Technischen Universität Darmstadt. She takes the position of Chinese member for CIE as associate Director of Division 4 (Lighting and Signaling for Transportation). She is also the director of CIES Division for Lighting and Signaling for Transportation. Since 2013, she has organized International Forum on Automotive Lighitng (IFAL) for 4 years. She has published more than 90 academic articles. She gained the second prize of Shanghai Science Progress Award in 2013 and was awarded Great Contribution for China Solid State Lighting Alliance in 2014. In 2016, she received Shanghai Women’s Innovation Award and was titled as woman pace-setter

Research Interests

 Prof. LIN's research interests include visual comfort, health and smart lighting. She has taken several government funding projects of intelligent solid state lighting technology, the relationship between lighting, visual safety, visual efficiency, and health. Some of her research projects on visual mechanism and dynamic control strategy include National Natural Science Foundation of China, Special Project for China Commercial Aircraft, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863), National Basic Research Program of China (973).

Academic Positions


  •  The second prize of Shanghai Science Progress Award in 2013
  • Great Contribution for China Solid State Lighting Alliance in 2014
  • Shanghai Women’s Innovation Award and woman pace-setter in 2016

Education and Working Experience

  • Fudan University      Bachelor
  • Fudan Univeristy and Technischen University Darmstadt    Jiont PhD


  • Undergraduate course: Colorimetry,  Human Factors in Lighting
  • Postgraduate course:  Visual Science, Scientific Research Methodology


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