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Research Interests

6G photonics, including 1. projects (new optical fibers, optical devices, optical devices, new systems, new architectures, etc. for 6G); 2. Platform (Information Optoelectronics R&D Center (preparation)); 3. Super optical network engineering (research on 6G-oriented P-bit network bandwidth, P-bit service scheduling, T-bit large-capacity service transmission engineering demonstration, etc.); 4. Research and development (such as silicon photonics, III-V and graphene and other materials of chips); 5. Frontier exploration (cutting-edge research on ultra-high-speed, ultra-large capacity and ultra-long-distance optical transmission for 6G, etc.); 6. New forward-looking applications (exploring new services that may promote the leapfrog development of 6G networks, etc.); 7. Papers, books, patents, software, chips, processes, etc
Recruitment: Recruit doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers as part-time professors, the main directions: communication networks, optical networks, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, etc., and those who publish high-level papers are preferred.

Academic Positions

2008.4-present, State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network, Director (in 2017, the laboratory was evaluated as excellent by the Ministry of Science and Technology; )
2009.12-present, FELLOW, China Communications Society
2010.1-2014.12, National 973 Project: Basic Research on Ultra-high-speed and Ultra-large Capacity and Ultra-long-distance Optical Transmission, Chief Scientist, (The 973 Project was evaluated as excellent by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016; )
From March 2012 to the present, he has been an expert of the National 863 Program Network and Communication Subject Expert Group in the Information Field (changed to the Broadband Communication and New Network Key Special Expert Group in 2019, Deputy Team Leader).
2004.10-2012.11, ITU-T Study Group on Optical and Access Networks (SG15), Vice-President
2016-present, Vice Chairman of China Communications Society
2013.12-present, Director of Optical Communication Committee, China Society of Communications
2019.1-present, Digital China Industry Development Alliance, Chairman
2016.10-present, member of the National Network Power Strategic Advisory Group
2019.6-present, member of the National Industrial Internet Strategic Advisory Expert Group
2019.7-present, FELLOW, Optical Society of China
2018.9-present, member of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Advisory Committee
2019.11-present, National Sixth Generation Mobile Communication (6G) Technology R&D Overall Expert Group, expert
2019.11-present, Member of National Mobile Information Network Advisory Group
2020.11-present, Member of the 8th Academic Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council (Information and Communication Engineering Group)
2019.1-present, State Key Laboratory of Regional Optical Fiber Communication Network and New Optical Communication System (Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Peking University); Member of the 5th Academic Committee
2018.1-present, Academic Committee of Wuhan National Research Center for Optoelectronics; member
2018.7-present, Member of the Standing Committee of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering
From April 2020 to April 2023, he was a member of the Review Committee of the National Science and Technology Progress Award


1. Technical method of Ethernet and SDH transmission network fusion transmission, in 2014, the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award, ranked first
2. Multi-service ring technology method of metro network, 2009, second prize of National Technology Invention Award, ranked 1st
3.X series international technical standards (X.85 and X.86), 2003, the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, ranked 1st
4. Optical communication core technology research and development and industrialization technology innovation project, in 2011, the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, ranked first
5. Synchronous digital system and Internet integration adaptation method, in 2001, the national information industry major technological invention (won the 2016 China Invention Patent Excellence Award), ranked 1st (the sole inventor of the patent)
6. The integration adaptation method of Ethernet and SDH, in 2001, the major technological invention of the national information industry (won the 2012 China Invention Patent Gold Award), ranked 1st (the sole inventor of the patent)
7. Metro network multi-service ring and bit-oriented EOS method, 2004, major technological invention in the national information industry (won the 2012 China Invention Patent Excellence Award), ranked 1st (sole inventor of patent)
8. ITU-T SG7 (Study Group on Data Networks and Open Systems Communications) Award for Excellence (Rapporteur, 1998-2000)
9. China Youth Science and Technology Award (2001)
10. National May Day Labor Medal (2002)
11. ITU-T SG17 (Study Group on Open Systems and Telecommunication Software) Award for Excellence (Rapporteur, 2004)
12. National Model Worker (2005)
13. National Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel (2006)
14. National Candidate for the New Century Millions of Talents Project (2006)
15. Hubei Province Supreme Science and Technology Award (only winner in 2006)
16. ITU-T SG15 (Study Group on Optical and Access Networks) Award for Good Work (Vice-President, 2005-2008)
17. Jing Chu Model; Hubei's Most Influential Model Worker since the Founding of the People's Republic of China (30 in total, 2009)
18. Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award (2010, Chinese Academy of Engineering)
19. National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker (2010)
20. National Intellectual Property Leading Talent (2010)
21. ITU-T SG15 (Study Group on Transmission and Access Networks) Award for Excellence (Vice-President, 2009-2012)

Education and Working Experience

In January 2020, he served as an adjunct professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University
From 2003 to 2020, he has independently supervised 22 doctoral students to obtain doctoral degrees, of which 6 have obtained excellent doctoral dissertations
July 2018-, served as a professor-level senior engineer and chief engineer of China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd 
From 1993 to 2018, he served as engineer, senior engineer, professor-level senior engineer (2001-), deputy chief engineer (2003-), and chief engineer (2006-2018) in Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
Graduated from the School of Space Physics and Electronic Information of Wuhan University in 1992 (Ph.D.)
Master's degree in Radio Physics, School of Space Physics and Electronic Information, Wuhan University, 1989
From 1984 to 1986, he was engaged in radio and television technology work in Wuhan Radio and Television Bureau
In 1984, he graduated from the School of Space Physics and Electronic Information of Wuhan University, majoring in electronic technology
National projects undertaken, chaired or participated in in recent years
1. National 973 Project, ultra-high-speed ultra-large capacity and ultra-long-distance optical transmission, 2010-2014, chief scientist; In 2016, the project was evaluated as "excellent" by the Ministry of Science and Technology; A Pb/s level, 10,000 km ultra-high-speed ultra-large capacity ultra-long-span optical fiber transmission system has been established;
2. National 863 Project, "Research and Development of Ultra-high-speed and Long-distance Optical Transmission System", 2013-2015, responsible expert;
3. National 863 Project, "Photonic Integration Technology and System Application", 2011-2014, responsible expert;
4. National 863 Project, "Research on New Ultra-large Capacity All-Optical Network Architecture and Key Technologies", 2011-2014, Responsible Expert;
5. National 863 Project, "New Generation of Large Capacity Hundred T Optical Transmission and Development and Demonstration of Thousand Households Optical Fiber Access System Equipment", 2015-2017, responsible expert;
6. National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center Construction Project, 2018-2019, Director of the Expert Committee. The center has established a 2,000-square-meter silicon photonics & packaging and testing process platform, a pilot verification platform for silicon photonics chip product design simulation, IP and PDK development, and hybrid integration processes; Complete 100G DR1 and 400G DR4 silicon photometric modulation chips and their modules, 4×200Gb/s PAM4, 1km optical transmission, silicon photonics 1.06Pb/s optical fiber transmission system experiments;
7. National 863 project, high-speed, high-performance ADC/DAC chip development and system verification in next-generation optical transmission system, 2015-2017, one of the proposers of the project, guidance and deep participation.
Invention patents

7 US patents have been applied for, 98 Chinese invention patents, more than 70 have been authorized, and more than 80% have achieved mass production and engineering applications.


6G Photonics (interdisciplinary, to be a new course)


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