Huang Xiongchuan

Micro-Nano System Center

Professional Title:Professor

Position:Principal Investigator


Visiting Address:Fudan University, Jiangwan New Campus, Shanghai, China


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Curriculum Vitae

Intelligent Communications Circuits and Systems (ICCAS) Lab

Prof. Huang has well over 12 years of experience in world-leading research institute and technology company, leading cutting-edge R&D projects in wireless connectivity and internet of things. Published 30+ research papers on top IEEE journals and conferences, including ISSCC, JSSC and TCAS-I/II, granted several key US and European patents.

Our brand new and well-funded research group is seeking passionate researchers who want to make a difference in the research and academic field. MSc, PhD students, post-doc researchers as well as research assistants are invited. International applicants are welcomed!

Research Interests

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Systems

Digital RF Technology including All-Digital Phase Locked Loop, Digital Transmitter, Time-Domain Receiver, etc.

Ultra-Low Power Integrated Circuits and Systems

Autonomous Internet of Things

Integrated Systems for Wireless Sensing, Augmented Reality Applications

Edge Computing and Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Wearable and Implantable Miniature Devices for Biomedical Applications and Brain-Machine Interfaces

Academic Positions

IEEE Senior Member

Serving as the Technical Program Committee Member on several IEEE top international conferences, including COMCAS, DAC, WMCS, etc.

Long-term reviewers for top IEEE journals including JSSC, TCAS-I/II, etc.


Li Foundation Heritage Prize, 2017-2018

Cum Laude honor in PhD, awarded to fewer than 5% of the PhD thesis.

Education and Working Experience

BSc degree in Microelectronics, Fudan University, 2005

MSc degree with Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), 2008

PhD degree with Cum Laude Honor, Delft University of Technology, 2014


Published 30+ research papers on top IEEE journals and conferences, with 1000+ citations. 

Selected publications:

  • P. Chen, X. Huang, et al., "An On-Chip Self-Characterization of a Digital-to-Time Converter by Embedding it in a First-Order ΔΣ Loop," in IEEE TCAS-I, 2018;

  • M. Vidojkovic, X. Huang, et al., “A 0.33nJ/b IEEE802.15.6/Proprietary-MICS/ISM-Band Transceiver with Scalable Data-Rate from 11kb/s to 4.5Mb/s for Medical Applications,” IEEE ISSCC, 2014;

  • X. Huang, P. Harpe, et al., “A 780MHz to 950MHz, 64μW to 146μW Power-Scalable Synchronized-Switching OOK Receiver for Wireless Event-Driven Applications,” IEEE JSSC, 05/2014;

  • X. Huang, G. Dolmans, et al., “Noise and Sensitivity in RF Envelope Detection Receivers,” IEEE TCAS-II, 10/2013;

  • Y-H. Liu, X. Huang, et al., “A 1.9nJ/b 2.4GHz Multistandard (Bluetooth Low Energy / Zigbee / IEEE802.15.6) Transceiver for Personal / Body-Area Networks,” IEEE ISSCC, 2013;

  • X. Huang, A. Ba, et al., “A 915 MHz, Ultra-Low Power 2-Tone Transceiver With Enhanced Interference Resilience,” IEEE JSSC, 12/2012;

  • X. Huang, A. Ba, et al., “A 915MHz 120μW-RX/900μW-TX envelope-detection transceiver with 20dB in-band interference tolerance,” IEEE ISSCC, 2012;

  • Y-H. Liu, X. Huang, et al., “A 2.7 nJ/b multi-standard 2.3/2.4 GHz polar transmitter for wireless sensor networks,” IEEE ISSCC, 2012;

  • X. Wang, Y. Yu, B. Busze, H. Pflug, A. Young, X. Huang, et al., “A meter-range UWB transceiver chipset for around-the-head audio streaming,” IEEE ISSCC, 2012;

  • Y. Liu, X. Huang, et al., "An energy-efficient polar transmitter for IEEE 802.15.6 body area networks: system requirements and circuit designs," in IEEE Communications Magazine, 2012;

  • X. Huang, P. Harpe, et al., “A 915MHz ultra-low power wake-up receiver with scalable performance and power consumption,” IEEE ESSCIRC, 2011;

  • M. Vidojkovic, X. Huang, et al., "A 2.4GHz ULP OOK single-chip transceiver for healthcare applications," IEEE ISSCC, 2011;

  • X. Huang, P. Harpe, et al., “A 0dBm 10Mbps 2.4 GHz ultra-low power ASK/OOK transmitter with digital pulse-shaping,” IEEE RFIC, 2010;

  • X. Huang, S. Rampu, et al., “A 2.4 GHz/915MHz 51µW wake-up receiver with offset and noise suppression,” IEEE ISSCC, 2010;


Selected Patents

  • “Receiver with Improved Flicker Noise Performance,” European Patent, EP2299588 B1, Granted 2012; US Patent, US8301103 B2, Granted 2012;

  • “Communication device with improved interference rejection and a method thereof,” US Patent, US9319081 B2, Granted 2016; US Patent, US9037107 B2, Granted 2015;

  • “Oscillator Device,” US Patent, US9444475 B2, Granted 2016; European Patent Application, EP3010150 A1, Filed 2015;

  • “Power amplifier circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit,” US Patent, US10050587B2, Granted 2018;

  • “Low-Power Local Oscillator Generation,” US Patent, US10644681B2, Granted 2020;

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