Yu Anran

Micro-Nano System Center

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Research Interests

Organic eoptpelectronics, perovskite optoelectronics, capacitance measurements

Education and Working Experience

From 2020.12 Associate Professor (tenure track) at School of Information Science and Technology, Fudan

2017.6-2020.7 Postdoc at Department of Materials Science, Fudan

2012.9-2017.6 Graduate student at Department of Physics, Fudan,  PhD

2008.9-2012.7 Undergraduate student at Department of Physics, Fudan, Bachelor' degree


1.  Recovery of electroluminescence in electron-only organic light-emitting diode by inserting a thin MoO3 layer at Bphen/NPB interface

     A.R. Yu#, Y.J. Tang, Q. Zeng, S.B. Liu, X.Y. Hou*, G.Y. Zhong*.

     AIP Advances, 9 (2019) 035149.

2.  Quantitative C-V study of the electric-field-assisted generation of mobile holes

     A.R. Yu#, S.B. Liu, Q. Zeng, R.C. Yi, X.X. Yu, X.Y. Hou*, G.Y. Zhong*.

     Journal of Applied Physics, 126 (2019) 204501.

3.  Study on Mobile Hole Generation in Blend MoO3:CuPc by Capacitance-Voltage Method

     A. R. Yu (#)Y. Pei, R. C. Yi, S. B. Liu, M. Chu, H. M. Yu, Y. J. Tang, Z. S. He, X. Y. Hou (*).

     Organic Electronics, 46 (2017), 121-125.

4.  Experimental evidence of harmful exciton dissociation at MoO3/CuPc interface in OPV

     A. R. Yu (#)R. C. Yi, J. W. Zhang, J. J. Qin, H. M. Yu, Y. J. Tang, R. C. Shi, X. Y. Hou (*).

     Journal of Applied Physics, 120 (2016), 145501.

5.  Accurate capacitance-voltage characterization of organic thin films with current injection

     M. Chu(#), S.B. Liu, A.R. Yu(*), H.M. Yu, J.J. Qin, R.C. Yi, Y. Pei, C.Q. Zhu, G.R. Zhu, Q. Zeng, X.Y. Hou(*)

     Submitted to Chinese Physics B, under reivew.

6.  Coulomb effect induced intrinsic degradation in OLED

     H. Peng (#)A.R. Yu, S.B. Liu, Y. He, X.Q. Chen, Y.M. Hu, Q. Zeng, J.J. Qin, Y.J. Tang, H.N. Xuxie, G.Y. Zhong (*), X.Y. Hou (*).

     Organic Electronics, 65 (2019), 370-374.

7.  Tristep mechanism to explain the illuminated C-V characteristic of an organic device

     M. Chu (#), S.B. Liu, A.R. Yu, Q. Zeng, G.Y. Zhong (*), X.Y. Hou (*).

     Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123 (2019) 17384-17389.

8.  Hole injection enhancement of MoO3/NPB/Al composite anode

     Y.J. Tang (#), X.X. Yu, S.B. Liu, A.R. Yu, J.J. Qin, R.C. Yi, Y. Pei, C.Q. Zhu, X.Y. Hou (*).

     Chinese Physics Letters, 36 (2019) 127201.

9   Effect of diffusion current on fill factor in organic solar cells

     H. M. Yu (#), R. C. Yi, J. W. Zhang, A. R. Yu, H. Peng, J. J. Qin, X. Y. Hou (*).

     Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49 (2016), 205105.

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