ZHAN Yiqiang

Micro-Nano System Center

Professional Title:Professor

Position:Deputy Dean of School of Information Science and Technology


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Research Interests

Research interests include photovoltaic devices and LEDs based on organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite and organic semiconductor, flexible electronics, smart electronics and sensors.


• 2012 Shanghai Pujiang Scholar

Education and Working Experience


• PH.D. In Physics, Department of Physics, Fudan University, China, 7/2005
• B.S. In Physics, Department of Physics, Fudan University, China, 7/2000

Working Experience

• 12/2016 – present Professor, School of Information science and technology, Fudan University
• 2012 Visiting Professor of Queen Mary, University of London
• 1/2011-11/2016 Associate Professor, School of Information science and technology, Fudan University
• 8/2010-1/2011 Assistant Professor, IFM, Linkoping University, Sweden
• 5/2007-7/2010 Postdoctoral scholar, IFM, Linkoping University, Sweden
• 2005-2007 TRIL fellowship, The International Centre for Theoretical Physics.
• 9/2005-3/2007 Postdoctoral scholar, ISMN - CNR Bologna - Italy


Physics B

Organic electronics

Flexible electronics



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Before 2019:

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