YANG Guomin

Department of Communication Science and Engineering

Professional Title:Professor



Visiting Address:East Guanghua Tower and Computer Center


Home Page:www.emwlab.fudan.edu.cn

Research Interests

1. Antenna theory & design

2. RF circuits & devices design

3. Signal integrity analysis of microwave and millimeter wave circuits

4. Wireless energy harvesting and microwave power transfer

5. Magnetodielectric materials and applications

6. Intelligent sensor technology                    

Academic Positions

IEEE Senior Member

CIE   Senior Member


1. The Okawa Foundation Research Grant, 2014

2. Shanghai Natural Science Award (Third Grade), 2013

3. The Zhuoxue Talent Award of Fudan University, 2012

4. The Dean Award of School of Information Science and Technology (FDU), 2012


Education and Working Experience

1. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2010

2. M. S. in Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, 2006

3. B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi’an, China, 2002


Undergraduate courses:

1. High Frequency Electronic Circuits (INFO130029.01)

2. Radio and High Frequency Electronics (INFO130312.01)


Graduate courses:

1. Microwave Engineering (INFO620048)

2. Microwave Theory and Antenna Techniques (INFO620049)


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