WU Xiang

Department of Optical Science and Engineering

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Research Interests

His research fields include biomedical photonics and integrated optics. 

He has published over 30 papers in the scientific journals including Nature Communications, Scientific Reports, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Physics Letters, and Optics Letters etc. 

Academic Positions

He is a member of COS and OSA.

Education and Working Experience

Prof. Xiang Wu received his BS degree on Physics at Hunan University in 1999 and received his PhD degree on Optical Engineering at Zhejiang University in 2004, respectively. From 2004-2007, he joined Dept. of Physics at Fudan University to do postdoctoral research. Since April 2007, he has been working at Dept. of Opt. Sci. and Eng. at Fudan University. He worked as a visiting scholar at University of Missouri, Columbia in 2009 and at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from 2013 to 2014, respectively. 


Selected Publications

1. Haotian Wang, Sheng Liu, Lin Chen, Deyuan Shen, and Xiang Wu, “Dual-wavelength single-frequency laser emission in asymmetric coupled microdisks,” Scientific Reports, Vol. 6, pp. 38053 (2016).

2. Haotian Wang, Xiang Wu, and Deyuan Shen, “Trapping and manipulating nanoparticles in photonic nanojets,” Optics Letters, Vol. 41, Issue 7, pp. 1652-1655 (2016).

3. Ting Tang, Xiang Wu, Liying Liu, and Lei Xu, “Packaged optofluidic microbubble resonators for optical sensing,” Applied Optics, Vol. 55, Issue 2, pp. 395-399 (2016).

4. Haotian Wang, and Xiang Wu, “Optical manipulation in optofluidic microbubble resonators”, China Phys. Mech. Astron. Vol. 58, pp. 114206 (2015).

5. Haotian Wang, Xiang Wu, and Deyuan Shen, “Localized optical manipulation in optical ring resonators,” Optics Express, Vol. 23, Issue 21, pp. 27650-27660 (2015).

6. Xiang Wu, Maung Kyaw Khaing Oo, Karthik Reddy, Qiushu Chen, Yuze Sun, and Xudong Fan, "Optofluidic laser for dual-mode sensitive biomolecular detection with a large dynamic range", Nature Communications 5:3779,  doi: 10.1038/ncomms 4779, (2014).

7. Xiang Wu, Qiushu Chen, Yuze Sun, and Xudong Fan, “Bio-inspired optofluidic lasers with luciferin", Applied Physics Letters 102, 203706, (2013).

8. Ming Li, Xiang Wu, Liying Liu, Xudong Fan, and Lei Xu, "Self-referencing optofluidic ring resonator sensor for highly sensitive biomolecular detection", Analytical Chemistry 85, 9328-9332,(2013).

9. Liqiang Ren, Xiang Wu, Ming Li, Liying Liu, and Lei Xu, “Ultrasensitive Label-free Coupled optofluidic ring laser sensor ”, Optics Letters 37,3873–3875, (2012).

10.Xiang Wu, Yuze Sun, Jonathan D. Suter, and Xudong Fan, “Single mode coupled optofluidic ring resonator dye lasers”, Applied Physics Letters 94, 241109, (2009).

11. Xiang Wu, Hao Li, Liying Liu, and Lei Xu, "Unidirectional single-frequency lasing from ring-spiral coupled microcavity laser", Applied Physics Letters 93,081105, (2008).

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