LIU Jianhua

Department of Optical Science and Engineering

Professional Title:Associate Professor



Visiting Address:Room #509, Optics Building


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Research Interests

1.       Design and fabrication of nm/pm bandwidths optical bandpass filter, as well as optical sensor


2.       Tunable surface field of optical wave and its micro excitations


3.       Tunable optical waveguide devices


4.       Frequency domain optical coherent tomography


5.       Liquid crystal optics and display technologies

Education and Working Experience



1985.9-89.6, Bachelor

Dept. of Physics,

Shanghai University of Science and Technology

1989.9-92.3, Master

Dept. of Material Science and engineering,

Shanghai University of Science and Technology

1992.9-95.6, PH.D

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China


Working experiences:


2014.9, short visiting Scholar  

The Centre Laser Infrarouge d'Orsay (CLIO) in the Université Paris Sud, France

2007.7, short visiting Scholar  

College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida (UCF)

2003.2-present, Associate Professor

Dept. Optical Science & Engineering, Fudan University,

2002.1-2003.1, Visiting scholar      

Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Univ. of New Mexico, USA

2001.1-2002.1 Visiting scholar

Department of Physics, Washington State University, USA

1997.7-2001, Lecturer and associate professor

Dept. of Physics, Fudan University.

1995.7-1997.6, postdoc researcher      

Dept. of Physics, Fudan University.



1. For undergraduate: Optoelectronic measurements, 

                                        Information Optics, 

                                        Liquid crystal optics

2. For graduate: Liquid crystal optics: principles and applications, 

                                  Optical information processing





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