TIAN Pengfei

Department of Light Sources and Illuminating Engineering

Professional Title:Associate Professor



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Home Page:https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=g71asE4AAAAJ&hl=zh-CN&oi=ao

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, 2010-2014

MSc, Peking University, Beijing, China, 2007-2010

BSc, Huangzhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, 2003-2007



Associate Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2018-

Assistant Professor, Fudan University, 2015-2018

Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde, 2014


Research Project                         

Research topics: GaN-based micro-LED transfer printing and integration for display, free space/underwater optical wireless communication, biomedical engineering, solid state lighting and UVC charge management.



I have published 97 journal papers (58 first/corresponding author SCI papers) in journals including Advanced Optical Materials, ACS Photonics, Advanced Science, Progress in Quantum Electronics, Photonics Research, Optics Letters, Journal of Lightwave Technology, Electron Device Letters, Applied Physics Letters: 2 ESI Highly Cited paper, 3 Invited Review, 3 Top Cited or Top Downloaded papers.

I have presented over 50 conference talks or posters, including over 10 invited talks.

I have written 1 book and 4 book chapters, and got over 10 authorized patents.

Two postgraduate students have got PhD degree and Eight students have got master degree from our group.

I am teaching undergraduate course (Fundamentals of Solid State Lighting Devices) and postgraduate course (Physics of Semiconductor Devices).

Citations >2500, H index 27(Google Scholar).

Media Reports and Journal Highlight: Progress in Quantum Electronics, Semiconductor Today, Laser Focus World, and China NSFC News.


Achievements (selected)                     

l  Full-color micro-LED display by growing two quantum wells (QWs) , vertical stack chips, or PDMS transfer printing.

l  Micro-LED as high-speed photodetector for duplex optical communication and ANN machine vision, and as photovoltaic cell for energy harvesting.

l High bandwidth micro-LED and quantum dots for high-speed wireless optical communication and lighting: UVC497 MHz, Blue1.53 GHz, green1.31 GHz.

l High-speed communication: LED WDM 25 Gbps; micro-LED WDM 18 Gbps, single green micro-LED 9 Gbps;micro-LED WDM 15.78 Gbps@13 m; and micro-LED 32GHz.

l  Record underwater   wireless optical communication speed   and distance 4GHz@193.1m;   2.7Gbps@34.5m.

l  Systematic research of mechanisms of micro-LED performance including size effect, temperature effect, reliability,   bandwidth, and micro-LED based detector/photovoltaic cell.


Academic Activities and Awards                     

OPTICA Senior Member, IEEE member, and SPIE Life Member.

Two CSA Visible light communication standards (2022)

Guest Editor of Crystals (2021-2022).

Session Chair/Co-chair of “International Conference on Display Technology”, “Symposium on Advanced Lighting Science and Technology” etc.

Committee member of SSLChina conference (2019, 2021).

Micro-LED Technology Roadmap of China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance (2020).

Reviewers of journals of IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Electron Device Letters, Nature, Nature Electronics, Optics Letters, ACS photonics, etc.

Outstanding Reviewer Award Winner, IOP (2020).

Outstanding Contribution Award of China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance (2019).

Champion of TCL China Star Vlog Research Contest (supervisor of postgraduate students, 2021).


PhD, master, and postdoc.

What’s micro-LED display? Click this link to see the video. 

Welcome to join our group! If you are interested, please send your detailed CV and write your research motivation.


代表性专著Books/Chapters (selected)

[1]      田朋飞著,Micro-LED显示技术 ,上海交通大学出版社,202130万字)。Pengfei Tian, Micro-LED Display Technologies, 2021 (300 thousand Chinese words). ISBN978-7-313-24846-6

[2]      P. Tian, J. J. D. McKendry, J. Herrnsdorf, S. Zhu, E. Gu, N. Laurand, M. D. Dawson, book series “Semiconductors and Semimetals”, Micro-LED (Chapter: Micro-LED based wireless systems), Volume 106, Pages 281-321, Elsevier, 2021. 0080-8784 ISSN

代表性论文 Publications-Journal (selected)

[3]      Zuxin Jin, Lintao Yan, Shijie Zhu, Di Sun, Xugao Cui and Pengfei Tian*, Toward 10 Gbps visible light communication in 10 m free space based on violet series-biased micro-LED array and distance adaptive pre-equalization, Optics Letters, in press (2023).

[4]      Xinyi Lu, Yanzhe Li, Zuxin Jin, Shijie Zhu, Zhou Wang, Zeyuan Qian, Yi Fu, Kui Tu, Hui Guan, Xugao Cui, and Pengfei Tian*, Red InGaN micro-LEDs on silicon substrates: potential for multicolor display and wavelength division multiplexing visible light communication, Journal of Lightwave Technology, in press (2023).

[5]      Xinyi Shan, Shijie Zhu, Runze Lin, Yanzhe Li, Zhou Wang, Zeyuan Qian, Xugao Cui, Ran Liu, and Pengfei Tian, Improvements of modulation bandwidth and data rate of green-emitting CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dots for Gbps visible light communication, Optics Express, 31(2): 2195-2207 (2023).

[6]      Shijie Zhu, Xinyi Shan, Runze Lin, Pengjiang Qiu, Zhou Wang, Xinyi Lu, Lintao Yan, Xugao Cui, Guoqi Zhang, and Pengfei Tian*, Characteristics of GaN-on-Si green micro-LED for wide color gamut display and high-speed visible light communication, ACS Photonics, 10(1): 92–100 (2023).

[7]      Xinyi Shan, Guobin Wang, Shijie Zhu, Pengjiang Qiu, Runze Lin, Zhou Wang, Zexing Yuan, Qi-ang Yan, Xugao Cui, Jianfeng Wang, Wengang Bi,* Ran Liu, Ke Xu, * and Pengfei Tian*, Comparison of beyond 1 GHz c-plane freestanding and sapphire-substrate GaN-based micro-LED for high-speed visible light communication, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 41(5): 1480-1486 (2023).

[8]      Zhou Wang#, Zuxin Jin#, Runze Lin, Shijie Zhu, Xinyi Shan, Grzegorz Stepniak, Xugao Cui*, and Pengfei Tian*, Vertical stack integration of blue and yellow InGaN micro-LED arrays for display and wavelength division multiplexing VLC applications, Optics Express, 30(24), 44260-44269 (2022).

[9]      Zhou Wang, Shijie Zhu, Xinyi Shan, Zexing Yuan, Zeyuan Qian, Xinyi Lu, Yi Fu, Kui Tu, Hui Guan, Xugao Cui*, and Pengfei Tian*, Red green and blue InGaN micro LEDs for display application temperature and current density effects, Optics Express, 30(20): 36403-36413. (2022).

[10]  Zeyuan Qian#, Dong Li#, Fangchen Hu, Pengjiang Qiu, Chicheng Ma, Chao Shen, Shanduan Zhang, Nan Chi*, Xugao Cui* and Pengfei Tian*, Size-dependent UV-C communication performance of AlGaN micro-LEDs and LEDs, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 40(22), 7289-7296 (2022).

[11]  Zhen Huang, Renchun Tao*, Duo Li, Zhiwei Rao, Zexing Yuan, Tai Li, Zhaoying Chen, Ye Yuan, Junjie Kang, Zhiwen Liang, Qi Wang, Pengfei Tian*, Bo Shen, and Xinqiang Wang, Transmission data rate improvement by InGaN barriers in GaN-based blue micro-LEDs for visible light communication, Optics Letters, 47(16): 4235-4238. (2022).

[12]  Xinyi Lu, Shijie Zhu, Runze Lin, Di Sun, Xugao Cui, and Pengfei Tian*, Performance improvement of red InGaN micro-LEDs by transfer printing from Si substrate onto glass substrate, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 43(9): 1491-1494 (2022).

[13]  Shijie Zhu, Pengjiang Qiu, Xinyi Shan, Runze Lin, Zhou Wang, Zuxin Jin, Xugao Cui, Guoqi Zhang and Pengfei Tian*, High-speed long-distance visible light communication based on multicolor series connection micro-LEDs and wavelength division multiplexing, Photonics Research, 10(8), 1892-1899 (2022).

[14]  Runze Lin, Zuxin Jin, Pengjiang Qiu, Yue Liao, Jason Hoo, Shiping Guo, Xugao Cui, and Pengfei Tian*, High bandwidth series-biased green micro-LED array toward 6 Gbps visible light communication, Optics Letters, 47(13), 3343-3346 (2022).

[15]  Yupeng Wang, Wenjie Jiang, Honglan Chen, Xinwei Chen, Yuan Gao, Pengfei Tian*, and Baoqing Sun*, Ultra-high frequency signal transmission based on temporal ghost imaging, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 40(16): 5426-5431 (2022).

[16]  Zexing Yuan, Yanzhe Li, Xinyu Lu, Zhou Wang, Pengjiang Qiu, Xugao Cui, Pengfei Tian*, Qi Wang*, and Guoyi Zhang, Investigation of modulation bandwidth of InGaN green micro-LEDs by varying quantum barrier thickness, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 69(8), 4298-4305 (2022).

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[18]  Pengfei Tian#,*, Xinyi Shan#, Shijie Zhu#, Enyuan Xie, Jonathan J.D. McKendry, Erdan Gu*, and Martin D. Dawson, AlGaN ultraviolet micro-LEDs, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 58(4),3300214 (2022). Invited Paper

[19]  Xinwei Chen, Mengyin Jin, Runze Lin, Gufan Zhou, Xugao Cui, and Pengfei Tian*, Visible light communication based on computational temporal ghost imaging and micro-LED-based detector, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 152, 106956 (2022).

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[21]  Xinyi Shan, Shijie Zhu, Pengjiang Qiu, Zeyuan Qian, Runze Lin, Zhou Wang, Xugao Cui, Ran Liu, and Pengfei Tian*, Multifunctional ultraviolet-C micro-LED with monolithically integrated photodetector for optical wireless communication, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 40(2), 490-498 (2022).

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[23]  Zhou Wang, Shijie Zhu, Xinyi Shan, Zexing Yuan, Xugao Cui, Pengfei Tian*, Full-color micro-LED display based on a single chip with two types of InGaN/GaN MQWs, Optics Letters, 46(17), 4358-4361 (2021).

[24]  Pengjiang Qiu, Ganggang Cui, Zeyuan Qian, Shijie Zhu, Xinyi Shan, Zhuoqun Zhao, Xiaoli Zhou, Xugao Cui, and Pengfei Tian*, 4.0 Gbps visible light communication in dense fog environment based on a blue laser diode, Optics Express, 29(9), 14163-14173 (2021).

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