YU Jinhua

Center for Biomedical Engineering

Professional Title:Professor



Visiting Address:


Home Page:http://ee.fudan.edu.cn/Data/View/811

Curriculum Vitae

Received PhD degree from Fudan University in 2008

Postdoctoral research fellowship at University of Missouri, 2008-2010

Principal of 6 national, provincial or ministry level projects

Published more than 100 papers with 40+ indexed by SCI

Young Scientist Award from the International Union of Radio Science, 2011

PuJiang Talent program, 2012

First ZhuoXue program of Fudan Unverisity, 2012

The Nature Science Award of Shanghai province, 2015


Research Interests

Medical signal processing (Deep Learning, Radiomics, Medical big data)

Ultrasound imaging (Imaging theory, Image method, Nonlinear ultrasound)

Computer aided diagnosis

Academic Positions

Member of the Youth Committee of the Chinese society of Biomedical Engineering

Member of the Shanghai society of Biomedical Engineering

Member of the youth branch of the Chinese Academy of instruments and instruments

Member of China Biomedical Engineering Institute


 2018 "Dean Award" of School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University

    2015 Natural Science Award of Shanghai Province
 2014 Excellent Faculty of School of Information Science & Technology, Fudan University
 2011 Young Scientist Award, International Union of Radio Science
 2012 Excellent Researcher Plan of Fudan University
 2010 Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Fudan University


Education and Working Experience

2015.12 ~                 Professor                  Dept. of E.E., Fudan University, China  

2011.02 ~ 2015.11        Associate Researcher        Dept. of E.E., Fudan University, China

2008.07 ~ 2010.08  PostDoc Fellow             Dept. of Biomed. Eng., University of Missouri, USA

2005.09 ~ 2008.06  Ph.D.              Dept. of E.E., Fudan University, China

2003.07 ~ 2005.08  Lecturer      Dept. of E.E., Yunnan University, China

2000.07 ~ 2003.06  M.S.      Dept. of E.E., Yunnan University, China

1996.07 ~ 2000.06  B.S.              Dept. of E.E., Yunnan University, China



Undergraduate: Probability, mathematical statistics and random process; Medical ultrasound

Graduate: System matching and connection

Doctoral Program: Signal and Image Processing and Their Applications in Medicine


Some representative papers (* corresponding author)

1. Yuan Gao#, Yingchao Liu#, Yuanyuan Wang*, Zhifeng Shi, Jinhua Yu*. A universal intensity standardization method based on a many-to-one weak-paired cycle generative adversarial network for magnetic resonance images. IEEE transactions on medical imaging, 2019, Early access, 1: 11.
2. Jiaqi Gu, Zeju Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Haowei Yang, Zhongwei Qiao*, Jinhua Yu*. Deep generative adversarial networks for thin-section infant MR image reconstruction. IEEE Access, Early access, 1: 15.
3. Xi Chen#, Yusheng Tong#, Zhifeng Shi, Hong Chen, Zhong Yang, Yuanyuan Wang, Liang Chen*, Jinhua Yu*. Noninvasive molecular diagnosis of craniopharyngioma with MRI-based radiomics approach. BMC Neurology, 2019(19): 11 pages.
4. Tongtong Liu#, Shichong Zhou#, Jinhua Yu*, Yi Guo*, Yuanyuan Wang, Jin Zhou, Cai Chang. Prediction of lymph node metastasis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma: a radiomics method based on preoperative ultrasound images. Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment, 2019, (18):1-13.
5. He Zhang#, Yunfei Mao#, Xiaojun Chen, Guoqing Wu, Xuefen Liu, Peng Zhang, Yu Bai,  Pengcong Lu, Weigen Yao, Yuanyuan Wang, Jinhua Yu*, Guofu Zhang*. Magnetic resonance imaging radiomics in categorizing ovarian masses and predicting clinical outcome: a preliminary study. 2019, 1-14.
6. Guoqing Wu, Yinsheng Chen, Yuanyuan Wang*, Jinhua Yu*, Xiaofei Lv, Xue Ju, Zhifeng Shi, Liang Chen, Zhongping Chen. Sparse representation-based radiomics for the diagnosis of brain tumors. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2018, 37(4): 893-905.
7. Tongtong Liu#, Xifeng Ge#, Jinhua Yu*, Yi Guo, Yuanyuan Wang, Wenping Wang, Ligang Cui*. Comparison of the Application of B-Mode and Strain Elastography Ultrasound in the Estimation of Lymph Node Metastasis of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma based on a Radiomics Approach. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2018, 13: 1617-1627.
8. Guoqing Wu, Zhifeng Shi, Yinsheng Chen, Yuanyuan Wang*, Jinhua Yu*, Xiaofei Lv, Liang Chen, Xue Ju, Zhongping Chen. A sparse representation-based radiomics for outcome prediction of higher grade gliomas. Medical Physics, 2018, 46(1): 250-261.
9. Zhao Yao#, Yidong#, Guoqing Wu, Qi Zhang, Daohui Yang, Jinhua Yu*, Wenping Wang. Preoperative diagnosis and predicting of hepatocellular carcinoma: radiomics analysis based on multi-modality ultrasound images. BMC Cancer, 2018, 18: 1089 (11pages).
10. Jinhua Yu, Zhifeng Shi, Yuxi Lian,Zeju Li, Yuan Gao, Yuanyuan Wang, Liang Chen, Ying Mao. Noninvasive IDH1 mutation estimation based on quantitative radiomics approach for grade II glioma. European Radiology, 2017, 27(8): 3509-3522.
11. Jinhua Yu, Zhifeng Shi, Chunhong Ji, Yuxi Lian, Yuanyuan Wang, Liang Chen, Ying Mao. Anatomical location differences between mutated and wild-type isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 in low-grade gliomas. International journal of neuroscience, 2017, 6:1-8.
12. Siqing Nie, Jinhua Yu*, Ping Chen, Yuanyuan Wang, Jian Qiu Zhang. Automatic detection of standard sagittal plane in the first trimester of pregnancy using 3D ultrasound data. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2017, 43(1): 286-300.
13. Yurong Huang, Jinhua Yu*, Yusheng Tong, Shuying Li, Liang Chen*, Yuanyuan Wang, Qi Zhang. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging based on bubble region detection. Applied Sciences, 2017, 7 (11):1098.
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15. Zeju Li, Yuanyuan Wang*, Jinhua Yu*, Yi Guo, Wei Cao. Deep Learning based Radiomics (DLR) and its usage in noninvasive IDH1 prediction for low grade glioma. Scientific Reports, 2017 Jul 14;7(1): 5467.
16. Zeju Li, Yuanyuan Wang*, Jinhua Yu*, Zhifeng Shi, Yi Guo, Liang Chen, Ying Mao. Low Grade Glioma Segmentation Based On CNN with Fully Connected CRF. Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2017, Article ID 9283480, 12 pages.
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