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Prof. QIU Zhi-Jun


Prof. Zhi-Jun Qiu received his B.S. degree in physics from Shandong University in 1998, his M.S. degree in nuclear physics from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in 2001 and his Ph.D. degree in microelectronics from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP), CAS, in 2004. From 2004 to 2006, he was a device engineer with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). From 2006 to 2008, he was a post-doctor at Fudan University. Between Sep. 2006 and Oct. 2007, he was a research associate at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. Since 2008, he has been a faculty member of Information Science and Technology, Fudan University and promoted as a full professor in 2015. He has authored or coauthored over 80 publications in journal and conference proceedings.

Research Fields
1. Low-dimensional photoelectric devices and technologies
2. Flexible electronics with inkjet printing technology

Selected Publications
[1]Hui Li, Chenyu Wen, Youwei Zhang, Dongping Wu, Shi-Li Zhang, Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Accelerating gas adsorption on 3D percolating carbon nanotubes, Scientific Reports, 6, 21313, 2016.
[2] Hui Li, Youwei Zhang, Shi-Li Zhang, Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Trion-induced current anomaly in organic polymer, Organic Electronics, 34, 124-129, 2016.
[3] Youwei Zhang, Hui Li, Haomin Wang, Hong Xie, Ran Liu, Shi-Li Zhang, Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Thickness considerations of two-dimensional layered semiconductors for transistor applications, Scientific Reports, 6, 29615, 2016.
[4]Youwei Zhang, Hui Li, Haomin Wang, Ran Liu, Shi-Li Zhang and Zhi-Jun Qiu*, On valence-band splitting in layered MoS2, ACS Nano, 9, 8514-8519, 2015.
[5]Youwei Zhang, Hui Li, Lu Wang, Haomin Wang, Xiaomin Xie, Shi-Li Zhang, Ran Liu and  Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Photothermoelectric and photovoltaic effects both present in MoS2, Scientific Reports, 5, 7938, 2015.
[6]Minni Qu, Hui Li, Ran Liu, Shi-Li Zhang and Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Interaction of bipolaron with the H2O/O2 redox couple causes current hysteresis in organic thin-film transistors, Nature Communications, 5, 3185, 2014.
[7]Youwei Zhang, Zhijun Qiu*, Xinhong Cheng, Hong Xie, Haomin Wang, Xiaomin Xie, Yuehui Yu and Ran Liu, Direct growth of high-quality Al2O3 dielectric on graphene layers by low-temperature H2O-based ALD, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 47, 055106, 2014.
[8]Zhiying Liu, Xindong Gao, Zhiwei Zhu, Zhijun Qiu*, Dongping Wu, Zhi-Bin Zhang, and Shi-Li Zhang, Solution-processed logic gates based on nanotube/polymer composite, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 60, 2542-2547, 2013.
[9] Zhiying Liu, Hui Li, Zhijun Qiu, Shi-Li Zhang, Zhi-Bin Zhang, Small-hysteresis thin-Film transistors Achieved by Facile dip-coating of nanotube/polymer Composite, Advanced Materials, 24, 3633-3638, 2012.
[10] Zhiying Liu, Zhi-Jun Qiu*, Zhi-Bin Zhang, Li-Rong Zheng, and Shi-Li Zhang, Mobility Extraction for Nanotube TFTs, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 32, 913-915, 2011.

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