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Prof. CHEN Yifang
Prof. D.Phil. M.Sc. B.Sc.
Director, Fudan Nanolithography and Application Research Centre
Vice director, Fudan Nanoscience-technology Platoform
Vice director, Micronano System Centre, School of Information
Visiting senior scientist in National Physical Laboratory UK   

Prof. Yifang Chen received his B.Sc degree from Fudan Univ. in 1982; his M.Sc degree from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SITP) in 1985; and his D.Phil degree from University of Oxford, UK in 1990, where he was the first recipient of the Arthur Cooke Memorial Prize as the best PhD student in Condensed Matter Physics Department in 1990/91. He was a visiting professor at EPFL, Switzerland (2010), a Principle Scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK (2002-2012) after working in University of Glasgow, Scotland, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and TU Delft, Netherlands as a postdoc for 8 years.
He is also a visiting senior researcher at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) UK (2014-2019), an external advisor of Liverpool John Moores University.
Prof. Yifang Chen has been dedicated in nanofabrication and its applications by electron beam lithography and nanoimprint lithography since 1990. During 2003-2012 when he worked in the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of UK, he was the coordinator of a 1.43 million-pound project (Novel hybrid nanostructured composited composite materials for security and crime prevention) funded by the Technical Strategy Board (TSB) of UK (2004-2007), the coordinator of 0.67 million-pound project (Microsystems and Bioanalysis Platforms for Health Care) funded by European Union FP7-Marie Curie Action (2012-2014), a Co-principal scientist of a 2.59 million-pound basic technology project (NANOSCOPE: looking inside a living cell with nanoscale resolution) funded by EPSRC of UK (2008-2012). He was also the principal scientist of many other EPSRC UK projects. He has published over 140 Sci papers and filed 20 patents (under process) in nanotechnology area.

Research fields
1. Nanolithography
Electron beam lithography and nanoimprint lithography
2. Micro-nano processing and nanofabrications
Technical developments for X-ray optics, laser targets, nanophotonic structures, nanoimprint templates, SiNx membranes, vacuum field emitters of electrons by sharp Si tips.
3. Nanoelectronics
Micro-THz wave InP based high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), quantum nanowires as biosensors and nano-ribbons on 2D materials.
4. Nanophotonics, metamaterials and metasurfaces
Optical properties of 2D and 3D nanophotonics, metamaterials and nanobionic structures.
Selected Publications
1.  Photon-nanojet lens: design, fabrication and characterization Xu, Chen; Zhang, Sichao; Shao, Jinhai; Lu, Bing-Rui; Mehfuz, Reyad; Drakeley, Stacey; Huang, Fumin; Chen, Yifang* Nanotechnology, 27 (2016) 165302 (6pp).
2.  Lithographically generated 3D Lamella layers and its structural color Sichao Zhang, Yifang Chen* , Bingrui Lu, Jianpeng Liu, Jinhai Shao and Xu Chen Nanoscale, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6NR00936K
3.  High Resolution Plasmonic Structural Colors from Nano Hole Arrays with Bottom Metal Disks BING-RUI LU(#), CHEN XU, JIANFENG LIAO, JIANPENG LIU, YIFANG CHEN* Optics Letters, Vol. 41, No.7, pp.1400-1403, 2016.
4.  Processing study of SU-8 pillar profiles with high aspect ratio by Electron-beam lithography Yaqi Ma, Yifan Xia, Jianpeng Liu, Sichao Zhang, Jinhai Shao, Bing-Rui Lu and Yifang Chen* Microelectronic Engineering,Vol.149, pp.141-144, 2016.
5.  Nanofabrication and coloration study of artificial Morpho butterfly wings with aligned lamellae layers Sichao Zhang, Yifang Chen*
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Vol.5, p.6637, 2015.
6. Nanofabrication by electron beam lithography and its applications: A review Yifang Chen* (Invited paper). Microelectronic Engineering,Vol.135, pp.57-72, 2015(ME期刊创办30周年特邀综述文章).
7.  Applications of nanoimprint lithography/hot embossing: A review Yifang Chen* (Invited paper) Applied Physics A, Vol.121, Issue 2,pp.451-465, 2015 (庆祝纳米压印光刻发明20周年期刊特邀综述文章),
8.  Simulation and experimental study of aspect ratio limitation in Fresnel zone plates for hard X-ray optics JianpengLiu,Jinhai Shao,Sichao Zhang, Yaqi Ma, YifangChen, NitTaksatorn, Tiqiao Xiao and Biao Deng. APPLIED OPTIC. Vol.54,Issue 32,pp.9630-9636, 2015.(封面文章).
9.  Subwavelength Gold Grating as Polarizers Integrated with InP Based InGaAs Sensors Wang, Rui; Li, Tao; Shao, Xiumei; Li, Xue; Huang, Xiaqi; Shao, Jinhai; Chen, Yifang*; Gong, Haimei* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,Vol.7,Issue 26, pp. 14471-14476, 2015.
10.  Design and fabrication of structural color by local surface plasmonic meta-molecules Yaqi Ma, Jinhai Shao, Yafeng Zhang, Bing-Rui Lu, Sichao Zhang, Yun Zhang, Yan Sun, Xinping Qu and Yifang Chen* Chinese Physics B,Vol.24,Issue 8,pp.1674-1056,published:AUG 2015, IF 2014-2015 :1.603
11.  Y shape gate formation in single layer of ZEP520A using 3D electron beam lithography Jinhai Shao, Sichao Zhanga, Jianpeng Liua,Bing-Rui Lua, Nit Taksatornb, W. Lu and Yifang Chen*. Microelectronic Engineering, Vol.143,pp.37-40,published:AUG 2015.
12.  Nanofabrication of air-spaced field-plate gates with ultra-short footprint Jinhai Shao, Jianpeng Liu, Junjie Li,Sichao Zhang,Bing-Rui Lu, W. Lu and Yifang Chen* Microelectronic Engineering, Vol.143, pp.11-14, 2015.
13. Gold nanopillar arrays as biosensors fabricated by electron beam lithography combined with electroplating Jianpeng Liu, Sichao Zhang, Yaqi Ma, Jinhai Shao, Bingrui Lu and Yifang Chen* APPLIED OPTICS, Vol.54, pp.2537-2542, 2015.
14.  Evaluations of KOH solution as an effective developer for chemical amplified resist UVIII Jinhai Shao, Sichao Zhang , Jianpeng Liu, Yaqi Ma, Bing-Rui Lu, Yan Sun, W. Lu , Nit Taksatorn and Yifang Chen* MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, Vol. 130, pp. 24-27, 2014.
15.  Multistep Aztec profiles by grayscale electron beam lithography for angle- resolved microspectrometer applications Sichao Zhang, Jinhai Shao, Jianpeng Liu, Chen Xu, Yaqi Ma, Yifang Chen*,Taksatorn Nit, Yan Sun, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B, Vol.32, 2014.

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