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Prof. SUN Yaojie


Prof. Yaojie.Sun is deputy director of Electric Light Sources Research Institute of Fudan University, deputy director of Illuminating Engineering & Light sources Department School of Information Science and Engineering. He received the Ph.D. degree from School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2003. After worked in the Flight Automatic Control Research Institute of China and the electro-mechanic department of Xi’an Jiaotong University, He joined Fudan University in 2004. He is the member of IEEE Power Electronics Society.He has published more than 50 academic articles and more than 30 articles in SCI, EI in such IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. He files more than 20 patent applications included 8 national invention patents and 7 authorized utility model patents. He is also the editor of Electromechanical Systems Control for undergraduates. He was awarded a second Scientific Progress Prize by Jiangsu Province.

Research Fields
His research interests mainly are in:
(1) the application study and engineering practice of power electronics;
(2) the automatic control theory.
(3) the control of Smart Grid.

Selected Publications
1)  Wuhua Li, Yuanming He, Xiangning He, , Lei Ma, Fei Wang,Yaojie Sun  Series Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converters with Voltage Auto-Balance for High Input Voltage Applications. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.
2) Biao Yang, Yandan Lin , Yaojie Sun    Transient effects of harsh luminous conditions on the visual performance of aviators in a civil aircraft cockpit. Applied Ergonomics. 44 (2) 2013: 185-191.
3) Wenting Cheng, Jiaqi Ju, Yaojie Sun , Yandan Lin . The effect of LED lighting on color discrimination and preference of elderly people. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries,  19 .(6) (2011).
4) Qi Yao, Yaojie Sun, Yandan Lin  ,Research on Facial Recognition and Color Identification under CMH and HPS Lamps for Road Lighting. LEUKOS.6 (2) 2009: 169-178.
5)  Minhua Qian, Yandan Lin , Yaojie Sun .  The LED lifetime prediction model based on light-electricity-thermal life theory.  Acta Photonica Sinica. 32(8)(2012),
6) Yaojie SUN, Yandan LIN , Liqing TONG, Yongqi LIANG, Chunze WU, Intelligent Sliding Mode Control for Variable-Speed Wind Conversion System with a Characteristic Model Applied Mechanics and Materials. 58-60 (2011): 595-600.
7) Yandan Lin, Qianyun DU, Liqing TONG and Yaojie SUN  ,Usability of Using Polarized Filter for Reading Lamp to Reduce Disturbing Reflected Glare. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 58-60 (2011): 787-792.
8)  Xueming li, Qian Pan, Yandan Lin, Bo You , Yaojie Sun . Synthesis and characterization of epoxy/polysiloxane hybrid materials. Journal of Chongqing University. 34 (5) (2011): 112-122.

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