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Prof. LIU Mu-Qing


Prof. Mu-Qing Liu got his master degree from Zhejiang University in July 1988. He then joined Fudan University as a faculty member and got his doctor degree there. He was a visiting scholar of University of Konstanz in Germany in 1998~1999. From 2004 to 2008 he was the head of the Department of Light Sources and Illuminating Engineering and Institute for Electric Light Sources of Fudan University. He was the secretary of the local organizing committee of the 11st International Symposium on Science and Technology of Light Sources in 2007. He is now a member of the Scientific Committee of International Symposium on Science and Technology of Light Sources, member of Academic Committee of China National LED program and associate director of academic committee of China Illuminating Engineering Society. He has applied over 50 patents and published over 30 papers.
Research Field
His research interest covers LED driver design, LED packaging, application optical design, intelligent lighting control technology and system development, and methodology of light sources, especially LEDs. He is the PI of several Projects, such as the National “863” Program, National Science & Technology Pillar Program, Program of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and domestic and international corporation projects.
Selected Publications
1.Muqing Liu, Bifeng Rong, Evaluation of LED Application in General lighting, Optical Engineering, 46(7), 2007, p. 074002.
2.Mu-qing Liu, Xiao-li Zhou, Wen-yi Li, et, al. Study on methodology of LED’s luminous flux measurement with integrating sphere. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 41(14), 2008.
3. Muqing Liu, Han Lei. “A review of Perspective of the Application of LEDs in General Lighting Concerning the Efficacy of Light Sources”, Proceeding of KIEE (Korea Institute for Electric Engineering) Summer Annual Conference, 2006.



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Conference Paper:

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