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Prof. LIANG Rongqing


Prof. Rongqing Liang is currently Chairman of the Department of Illuminating Engineering and Light Sources and Director of the Institute for Electric Light Sources at the Fudan University.He received the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993. He joined Fudan University and became a full professor in 2002. He was a Visiting Scholar of the National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan from1991 to 1995. He is the member of the Plasma Science Council, Chinese Physics Society and Chinese Dynamics Society. He has published over 50 papers in such international journals and conferences as Applied Physics Letters, Euro-Physics Letters, etc., obtained 5 patents. He was awarded a Third Scientific Progress Prize by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research Fields
His research interests mainly are in:
(1) plasma and gas discharge physics;
(2) Interaction between plasma and electromagnetic wave;
(3) Microwave and RF plasma sources technology;
(4) plasma deposition and surface modification;
(5) P-type ZnO conversion with the plasma technique;
(6) R&D of OLED as well as other innovation with SSL.

Selected Publications
[1] Rongqing Liang, Xu Xu, Qingrong Ou, Bo Liang, and Fei Wang, “Planar Plasma of 30 cm Diameter Maintained by Hybrid Surface Microwave Through Annular Slot Antenna”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 45, No.10B, 2006,
[2] Liang Bo, Ou Qiong-Rong, Liang Yi-Zi, and Liang Rong-Qing, “Large area planar plasma sustained by surface microwave”, Chinese Physics, Vol.16, 12(2007)
[3] Xu Xu, Feng Liu, Qianhong Zhou, Bo Liang, Yizi Liang and Rongqing Liang, “Visual phenomena of surface plasmon polaritons at the dielectric-plasma interface”, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 92, 1(2008)
[4] Liang Yi-Zi, Ou Qiong-Rong, Liang Bo, Liang Rong-Qing, “Large Volume and High Density Surface Wave Plasmas Sustained by Two Microwave Launchers”, Chinese Physics Letter,Vol.25, No.5(2008)1761
[5] Li Lin-Sen, Xu Xu, Liu Feng, Zhou Qian-Hong, Liang Rong-Qing, “Improvement of the Uniformity of Inductively Coupled Plasma with a Cone Spiral Antenna” , Chinese Physics Letter, Vol.25, No.6(2008)
[6] Feng Liu, Zongfu Nie, Xu Xu, Qianhong Zhou, Linsen Li, and Rongqing Liang, “Measurement of electron density by Stark broadening in an ablative pulsed plasma thruster”, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 93, 111502 _2008
[7] Zongfu Nie, Feng Liu, Qianhong Zhou, Xijiang Chang, Shuyu Zhang, Rongqing Liang, “Investigation of electron density and temperature in microwave plasma generated by a cylindrical Teflon waveguide”, EPL, 86(2009), 35001
[8] Shuyu Zhang, Rongqing Liang, Qiongrong Ou, Xiaojing Wu, Meifu Jiang, Zongfu Nie, Feng Liu, Xijiang Chang, Yipeng Wang, Jilong Du, Peijun Wang, and Qianqian Xin, p-Type Conversion of ZnO Thin Films by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation,Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 12 (9) H329-H332 (2009)
[9] Xu Xu,Li Lin-Sen, Xu Xu, Liu Feng, Zhou Qian-Hong, Liang Rong-Qing,Improving the uniformity of RF-plasma density by a humped variable-gap spiral antenna,Chin. Phys. B, Vol 17 No11, 2008. 4242-4246
[10] Liang Rongqing et al., Study of the surface modified Teflon/Ceramics complex material treated by microwave plasma with XPS analysis, Surface&Coating Technology, Vol.131(2000), 294-299. 
[11] Fang Fang, Rongqing Liang Yifeng Sui Q. Ou, Optical emission patterns and microwave field distributions in a cylindrical microwave plasma source, Solid Thin Film, Vol.390(2001), 197-201

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