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Prof. LU Qiyong


Prof. Qiyong LU received his MS degree from Fudan University in July 1993, and BS degree from Fudan University in July 1988. He has been vice dean of E.E. Dept. from Dec. 1998 to Dec. 2003, and vice dean of School of Information Science and Engineering from July 2003 to Mar. 2010. Now he is vice dean of Wuxi Institute of Fudan University. He is a member of IEEE, IET and Chinese Institute of Electronics. He has authored 3 books, more than 30 journal publications and 10 Chinese patents.

Research Fields
His research interests mainly cover (1) Intelligent Instrument and Measurement; (2) Design and Application based on Embedded System; (3) Internet of Things.

Selected Publications
1)Wang, Lichao; Chen, Xi; Lu, Qiyong,An intelligent cleaner system based on a panoramic camera,2007 8th International Conference on Electronic Measurement and Instruments, ICEMI,pp 2-776-2-781,EI:20083811549908(2007)
 2)Wang, Lichao; Lu, Qiyong; Chen, Xi,Application and analysis of time domain cross correlation for traffic flow speed measurement,Proceedings - SNPD 2007: Eighth ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing,pp 274-279,EI:20074110862554(2007)
 3)Chen, Xi; Lu, Qiyong; Sun, Yan; Li, Caihui,Stereo-motion estimation for visual object tracking,Proceedings - 2009 IEEE Youth Conference on Information, Computing and Telecommunication, YC-ICT2009,pp 403-406,EI:20101612856724(2009)
 4)Sun, Yan; Chen, Xi; Lu, Qiyong,Robust kernel design for SSD tracker,Proceedings - 2009 IEEE Youth Conference on Information, Computing and Telecommunication, YC-ICT2009,pp 162-165,EI:20101612856664(2009)
 5)Sun, Yan; Chen, Xi; Li, Caihui; Lu, Qiyong,Section-based object tracking,1st Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, PrimeAsia 2009,pp 249-252,EI:20101212789915(2009)
 6)Li, Caihui; Zhang, Zhengyan; Zhang, Qun; Lu, Qiyong,Non-Uniform Cube Fourier Moments based image representation,Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,2012,EI:20123815453969(2012)
 7)Xu Yang; Xiang Gao; Siqiang Jia; Qiyong Lu,A Method for Extracting QR Code from Complex Background Based on Morphology,Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 239-240 pp 1466-1471(2013)


Research Interests

1, Design and Application for Computer System and Embedded System

2, Internet of Thinks, Hardware and Software Design and Implement

3, Data mining

Education and Working Experience

1, 1984.7-1988.7 UnderGraduate Student,E.E.Dept. of Fudan Unversity

2, 1990.7-1993.7 Graduate Student, E.E.Dept. of Fudan Unversity

3, 1993.7-       Faculty, E.E.Dept. of Fudan Unversity


1, Modern Electronics Experiment

2, Computer Network

3, Computer Engingeering

4, Project Management

5, Computer Application

6, Design Thinking


  1. Li Caihui, Zhang Zhengyan, Zhang Qun, Lu Qiyong,Non-Uniform Cube Fourier Moments based Image Representation,CSIE 2011(Computer Science and Information Engineering),Springer出版Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 2012, Volume 128, 537-542.

  2. Siqiang Jia, Xiang Gao, Qiyong Lu,A Low Receiver Interference TDMA Protocol for Convergecast in Wireless Sensor Networks,2012年电子、通讯与计算机科学国际学术会议 《Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Print ISSN: 1742-6588, Online ISSN: 1742-6596)》

  3. Xu Yang, Xiang Gao, Siqiang Jia and Qiyong Lu,A Method for Extracting QR Code from Complex Background Based on Morphology,2012年测量、仪器与自动化国际学术会议

  4. Tancheng Lu, Peng Liu, Xiang Gao, Qiyong Lu ,A Portable ECG Monitor with Low Power Consumption and Small Size Based on AD8232 Chip,2013 第三届电气工程和信息化国际会议(ELEEI 2013)

  5. Xiang Gao, Tancheng Lu, Peng Liu,Qiyong Lu,A Soil Moisture Classification Model Based on SVM Used in Agricultural WSN,2014年第7届IEEE联合国际信息技术与人工智能学术会议 (IEEE ITAIC 2014)

  6. Yongli Deng, Yuanyuan Lv, Mingliang Liu, Qiyong Lu,A Regression Approach to Categorical Music Emotion Recognition,2015 International Conference on Progress in Informatics and Computing(PIC-2015)

  7. Lv Yuanyuan, Deng Yongli, Liu Mingliang, Lu QiyongAutomatic Error Checking and Correction of Electronic Medical Record,2015

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