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Prof. LIU Ran


Prof. Ran Liu received his B.S degree from Fudan Univ. in 1982, his M.Sc degree from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SITP) in 1985, and his PhD degree from the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Heisenberg in Germany in 1990. During 1990-1993 and 1993-1996, he did his post-doctoral research at University of Illinois (UIUC) and University of Maryland respectively. He was also a Guest Scientist at NIST. From 1996 to 2004, he worked as a Senior, Technical and Principle Staff Scientist progressively in the Semiconductor Product Sector of Motorola in the U.S. He is currently a Cheung Kong Scholar with the School of Microelectronics, vice dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering and the vice director of the Micro/nano-electronics Science & Technology Innovative Platform, Fudan Univ. He is also a guest professor of the Arizona State Univ., a visiting professor of SITP, and a member of the technical committee of SEMI China. He serves as a reviewer for such important journals as Physical Review Letters as well as the U.S. National Science Fund programs. He has published around 130 invited and contributed international conference papers and over 150 technical journal papers.
Research Fields 
His research interests are: (1) Micro/nanoelectronics/optoelectronics technology - realizing miniature of electronic and optoelectronic devices, improving process integration and device performance; (2) Advanced IC interconnect technology - introducing new concepts, materials and process to reduce interconnect resistance and parasitic capacitance for the purpose of IC power consumption and delay reduction; (3) Micro-nano materials and structure technology - fabricating novel nano-materials and nano-structure to extend the application of nano-research field by utilization of nano-imprint/lithography technology; (4) Organic electronics and bio-electronics technology - realizing low-cost and low energy consumption “Green” electronics and multiple biosensors by utilization of organic materials and biology technology.
Selected Publications
1.         Optical Nanostructures Fabricated by SU-8 based Nanoimprint Lithography;R. Liu, B.-R. Lu, S.-Q. Xie, J. Wan, Z. Shu and X.-P. Qu, and Y. CHEN; Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 55, 1 (2009).
2.         Fabrication of micro/nano fluidic channels by nanoimprint lithography and bonding using SU-8; R. Yang, B.R. LU, J. WAN, S.-Q. XIE, X.-P. QU, Y. CHEN, E. HUQ and RAN LIU; Microelectronic Engineering, 86, 1379 (2009).
3.         Metallic and dielectric photonic crystals with chiral elements by combined nanoimprint and reversal lithography in SU-8; B.R. LU, J. WAN, Z. SHU, S.-Q. XIE, X.-P. QU, Y. CHEN, E. HUQ and RAN LIU∗; Microelectronic Engineering, 86, 619 (2009).
4.         Fabrication of 150nm Half-pitch Grating Templates for Nanoimprint Lithography; Shen-Qi Xie, Bing-Rui Lu, Yan Sun, Yifang Chen, Xin-Ping Qu, Ran Liu*; J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 9, 1437-1440 (2009).
5.         Surface plasmon enhanced transmission through planar gold quasicrystals fabricated by focused ion beam technique; J. Xue, Wen-Zhe Zhou, Bi-Qin Dong, Xu Wang, Yifang Chen, Ejaz Huq, Wei Zeng, Y. CHEN, E. HUQ, X.P. Qu and RAN LIU∗; Microelectronic Engineering, 86, 1131 (2009).
6.         Tuning of spin polarization in ferromagnetic resonant tunneling diode by varying _ doping; Z.J. Qiu, S.L. Zhang, Ran Liu*; Applied Physics Letters, 92, 242110 (2008).
7.         Nanophotonic Crystals with Chiral Elements by a Hot Embossing Process in SU-8; Bing-Rui Lu, Jing Wan, Shen-Qi Xie, Zhen Shu, Yan Sun, Yifang Chen, Xin-Ping Qu, Ran Liu*; Microelectronics Engineering, 85, 866 (2008).
8.         Schottky barrier height tuning by means of ion implantation into pre-formed silicide films followed by drive-in anneal; Zhen Zhang, Zhijun Qiu, Ran Liu, Mikael Östling, Shi-Li Zhang; Electronic Device Letters, 28, 242110 (2007).
9.         Materials and Physical Properties of High-k Oxide ;Ran Liu; Book Chapter in Materials Fundamentals of Gate Dielectrics, Ed. by A.A. Demkov and A. Navrotsky (eds.), (Springer. Netherlands. 2005).
10.     Raman Characterization of Si/Si1-xGex Heterostructures; R. Liu; Book Chapter in SiGeC Alloys: Growth, Properties, and Devices, Ed. By S.T. Pantelides and S. Zollner, Taylor & Francis Books, Inc. (2002).
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